J2ME Mobile Applications

  J2ME Real Time Projects

All these projects are having two applications one is J2EE application and another one is J2ME application.
J2EE applications are running in Internet Web server where as J2ME applications are installed in Mobiles of End User. The mobiles which have J2ME application must have GPRS facility to communicate with J2EE application.
Note: Without Internet Web server and GPRS facility also we can able to execute the system with J2ME Simulation software.

 Innovative Web based Blogging System with Mobile Message and Image Posting

Abstract — The Mobile Blogging System involves remotely updating a web site from a mobile phone. It represents an attempt to bring reality closer to the end-user via sending text messages to a web site. This paper documents the work done on creating a service that makes it possible to share news events with the world by allowing a user to submit, delete and edit text messages from a mobile phone and these actions are automatically reflected on a web site on the internet. It is noted that the outcome of the work undertaken was successful and useful.

 Secure SMS System through J2ME & J2EE Applications

Abstract — This system has two applications one is J2EE Application which is running on Internet web server. This J2EE application is connected with MY SQL databases. This application is maintaining the User Details, Message Transaction Details, etc. Another application is J2ME system which is installed in all the mobiles of the users those who are registered with this system. When ever a user wants to send a SMS from his mobile to another user, he has to enter into this application using user id and password. Once he entered into the system he can able to send the messages to any other users those who are registered with this system. When ever the user sends the message he has the option to send the plain message or encrypted message. If he selects the encrypted message the message which he is planning to send will be encrypted on the mobile itself by AES algorithm and it is send to the J2EE application which is running on Internet Web server. In turn J2EE application will recognize the user who has to receive the message by his ID and send the encrypted message to him. The user who received the encrypted message has to enter into this application and provide the corresponding key to decrypt and see the message.

 Result and Attendance Retrieval System through Mobile from J2EE Application
Abstract— This project Mobile based Result & Attendance Request System is a new emerging application in educational institute, which provides Exam Marks as well as Attendance information about a student to the authorized persons by checking their authentication, on their mobile devices by  transferring the data between Server and the Mobile devices. Therefore, by developing this application using the J2ME, we can run it on all Java enabled mobile phones.

Vehicle Tracking System with Information Retrieval on Mobile

Abstract— In any big concerns / rental based business concerns it is difficult for the management / admin staff to monitor their company vehicles which lead to the miss handling of the vehicles which affect the efficient use of the vehicle for the company purpose. Hence to solve the above problem this Mobile based Location Monitoring system for vehicles is developed. This application provides Location information of the entire vehicle in mobile phone by checking their authentication, on their mobile devices by transferring the data between Server and the Mobile devices.

 Online Customer Service Maintenance and Secure Information Transmit System

Abstract — In any Customer Service Oriented Concerns, it takes time for the service engineers to know the next service that is allotted to them by the administrator. Also persons who are not intended for that information may access the information that is provided by the administrator. Hence to solve the above problem the service engineers will be able to know their respective tasks through their mobile device. And the information provided by the administrator can encrypted, which is later, decrypted when the engineer receives the information on his mobile.

IEEE 2011 Market Navigation on Mobile for Share Market Trading

Abstract — In the present scenario knowing the status of the share market can be known either from the Television, News Paper, Internet which consumes lot of time and money. Hence to avoid the above problem we are going to show the status of the Share Market through Mobile Device at anytime and anywhere. The aim is to create a tool, which can be used to access the Share Market Information through mobile device. It not only provides the Market Information but also provides the Top Gainers, Top Losers, Current Tips and Business News. For calculating the Purchase and Sales Tips two algorithms are used one is Moving Average and another is Demand Index.

 Mobile based City Information Guide
Abstract — With this application end user can able to get the information of the City on his mobile phone. If he wants to trace a hotel in a city it will give top class hotel across the city. All the information of the City is stored in Database which is in Internet web server and based on the request from mobile the relevant data is extracted from the database by J2EE application and it will transfer the data to J2ME application.

 Automatic Doctors Appointment Scheduling System through SMS for Hospitals

Abstract — This application is useful for hospitals and patients where many doctors are practicing. Getting an appointment for famous doctors is not easy, patient has to call the concern persons to get the appointment and the big problem here is the lines are always engaged and we are not able to connect with concern persons. To avoid this, we created this Automatic Appointment System, here the patients has to send the SMS from J2ME application which will interact with J2EE application and the appointment details are send to the patient through SMS.

IEEE 2011 Password Master - Store your passwords in Mobile, Take backup in web server & Restore it back to your mobile

Abstract — Remembering the Multiple Password in our brain is big task for many people, suppose we are not frequently using the password sometime we forget the password and which will create big issues. To avoid this problem this application is created. User can able to store his all  the password in his mobile phone and which was protected by encryption technology. User has the facility to take the backup of his all password in Internet Web Server and also he can able to restore it back to his mobile.

 Security System with SMS alert & J2ME Image File Transfer System

Abstract — With this application we can able to achieve high end security system with affordable cost. This system uses Image Comparison Technique addition to J2EE & J2ME application. When user want to get the alert when some one enter the Restricted Area this application is highly helpful to him. Even user can able to get the Image of the Restricted Area on his mobile.

 Mobile based Learning Request System

Abstract — This project Mobile based Learning Request System is a new emerging application, which provides the book details as well as contents of the book to the authorized persons by checking their authentication, on their mobile devices by transferring the data between Server and the Mobile devices. Therefore, by developing this application using the J2ME & J2EE,  we can able to assist the any one in learning industry. The main intention of this project is to provide accurate and comprehensive information to people through the mobile when required. The end user can access the content stored in the server system easily.

IEEE 2011 Mobile Based Penalty Collection System for Traffic Police
Abstract — This system is very useful for Traffic Police. Whenever they found miss behaved vehicle on the road they can able to collect the fine amount from them and through their mobile they have to enter the vehicle no, penalty reason with code, Drive mobile number, ect. These data are transferred to J2EE applications running on the Internet web server which intern send SMS to the driver mobile the fine details as a receipt. With this system we can able to avoid the bribe and now the fine collection amount accurately.

 Sending Mobile Software Activation Code Using Steganography

Abstract — There are various software’s are available for mobile phones. Most of these software’s should be bought in order that we can use them. Some of these software’s are sharewares and after buying them you have to insert an activation code given by the manufacturing company based on your mobile IMEI code in order to activate the software. In this system we are sending the mobile software activation code by SMS Short Message Service using Steganography. In this method the activation code is hidden in an SMS picture message by Steganography method and sent to the user. The software extracting the activation code from the picture and compare it with the code which is generated based on the user’s mobile phone IMEI code. If the codes are the same, the software is activated. Therefore the security of transferring the activation code is increased and if the SMS message is stolen, nobody can inform the activation code. This project is going to implemented in J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) language.

What is IMEI Code?
The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a number unique to every GSM, WCDMA, and iDEN mobile phone, as well as some satellite phones. It is usually found printed inside the battery compartment of the phone. It can also be displayed on the screen of the phone by entering *#06# into the keypad on most phones.


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