MCA / BCA - J2EE Real Time Projects


1. Data Transfer from Heterogeneous Data Base with SMTP Mail   Support
2.    Member transaction for B2B
3.    Secret Message Communication using Image Steganography
4.    Display and Portal maintenance system for Business to Business
5.    Secured Intranet Email Facility Using DS
6.    Online Tourism Guide
7.    Online Blood Bank Management System
8.    HR Request tacking System – jobs
9.    Web based Resume Uploading and Searching for IT HR Department
10.  Conference Room Booking System for Corporate Companies
11.  Conference Room Maintenance System for Corporate Companies
12.  Effective Portals for Package Tours
13.  Jewelers Shop Management System
14.  Digital Content Management System
15.  Effective Content Retrieval System with auto Dynamic Web Page Creation.
16.  Secrete Voice – Secrete Message Passing thru Wave Files
17.  Point of Sales (POS) Transaction Monitoring System
18.  Library Book return alert system through SMS
19.  Old Age Pension System
20.  Online Service Tracking System with SMS Technology
21.  ATM Transaction System with SMS Alert
22.  Software Product Sales System maintenance with Installation Controls
23.  Enhanced License Key Generation to Avoid Software Piracy
24.  Secure Mail System using Advance Encryption Standard (AES)
25.  Online Milk Diary Management System
26.  Ad Sense – Effective online Advertisement System
27.  End User Interaction with Financial Calculation in Ad Sense
28.  Call Taxi Online Maintenance System with SMS utility
29.  Web Classified Management System
30.  Search Engine and Display system for Web Classified
31.  Drugs Purchase & Sales system for Dealers
32.  Criminal  Details Management System
33.  Face Recognition System to find the criminals
34.  Training Institute Management System
35.  Visual Verification System  to avoid Password Breaking
36.  Rejection Analysis for Garment Factory
37.  Online Petrol Bunk Automation System
38.  Software Project Management System
39.  Portal for Technical Articles
40.  Quotation Generation System for Computer Super Market
41.  Online Billing System for Computer Super Market
42.  Web Based Matrimonial System
43.  Search and Display System for Matrimonial
44.  Remote Voting System for Corporate Companies
45.  Visual Cryptography and Voting System for Remote Voting System
46.  Confirmation of Courier Delivery through SMS
47.  Online Forum
48.  CAR Finance System
49.  Result & Attendance Broadcasting System
50.  Secrete Message sending using lightweight encryption technology
51.  Online Digital Diary
52.  Web Storage Space using Compression Technique
53.  Implementation of Video on Demand System
54.  Time Sheet Management System
55.  Enquiry Management System for Training Institute
56.  Payment Transaction System for Construction Company
57.  Web Blogging
58.  Yarn Trading Company Maintenance
59.  Flat Allocation System
60.  Job Seekers Session of QJOB – Quick Job
61.  Employers Session of QJOB
62.  Online Exam Processing System
63.  Online Paper Presentation System for College Students
64.  Bus Ticket Reservation System
65.  Bulk Mail System with personalized E-Mail


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