Wednesday, 17 July 2013

IEEE 2013: Security and Privacy Enhancing Multi-Cloud Architectures

IEEE 2013 Transaction on Dependable and Secure Computing

Technology - Available in Java and Dot Net

Abstract—Security challenges are still amongst the biggest obstacles when considering the adoption of cloud services. This triggered a lot of research activities, resulting in a quantity of proposals targeting the various cloud security threats. Alongside with these security issues the cloud paradigm comes with a new set of unique features which open the path towards novel security approaches, techniques and architectures. This paper provides a survey on the achievable security merits by making use of multiple distinct clouds simultaneously. Various distinct architectures are introduced and discussed according to their security and privacy capabilities and prospects.

Index Terms—Cloud; Security; Privacy; Multi-Cloud; Application Partitioning; Tier Partitioning; Data Partitioning; Multi-party Computation

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