Wednesday, 20 November 2013

IEEE 2013 :Community-Aware Opportunistic Routing in Mobile Social Networks

IEEE 2013 Transactions on Computers

Technology - Available in Java

Abstract—Mobile social networks (MSNs) are a kind of delay tolerant network that consists of lots of mobile nodes with social characteristics. Recently, many social-aware algorithms have been proposed to address routing problems in MSNs. However, these algorithms tend to forward messages to the nodes with locally optimal social characteristics, and thus cannot achieve the optimal performance. In this paper, we propose a distributed optimal Community-Aware Opportunistic Routing (CAOR) algorithm. Our main contributions are that we propose a home-aware community model, whereby we turn an MSN into a network that only includes community homes. We prove that, in the network of community homes, we still can compute the minimum expected delivery delays of nodes through a reverse Dijkstra algorithm and achieve the optimal opportunistic routing performance. Since the number of communities is far less than the number of nodes in magnitude, the computational cost and maintenance cost of contact information are greatly reduced. We demonstrate how our algorithm significantly outperforms the previous ones through extensive simulations, based on a real MSN trace and a synthetic MSN trace

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