Thursday, 21 November 2013

IEEE 2013: Hacktivism Trends Digital Forensic Tools and Challenges: A Survey

IEEE 2013 Transactions on Information and Communication Technologies 

Technology - Available in Java

Abstract— Hacktivism is the biggest challenge being faced by the Cyber world. Many digital forensic tools are being developed to deal with this challenge but at the same pace hackers are developing the counter techniques. This paper includes the digital forensics basics along with the recent trends of hacktivism in social networking sites, cloud computing, websites and phishing. The various tools of forensics with the platform supported, the recent versions and licensing details are discussed. The paper extends with the current challenges being faced by digital forensics. Keywords - Hacktivism; Computer forensics; Memory forensics; Network forensics; Mobile Phone forensics; Database forensics; Computer forensics Tools; Memory forensics Tools; Network forensics Tools; Mobile Phone forensics Tools; Database forensics
Tools; Anti digital forensics (ADF)


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