Tuesday, 14 July 2015

IEEE 2015 : Secure and Distributed Data Discovery and Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks

IEEE 2015 Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 

Abstract : A data discovery and dissemination protocol for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is responsible for updating configuration parameters of, and distributing management commands to, the sensor nodes. All existing data discovery and dissemination protocols suffer from two drawbacks. First, they are based on the centralized approach; only the base station can distribute data item. Such an approach is not suitable for emergent multi-owner-multi-user WSNs. Second, those protocols were not designed with security in mind and hence adversaries can easily launch attacks to harm the network. This paper proposes the first secure and distributed data discovery and dissemination protocol named DiDrip. It allows the network owners to authorize multiple network users with different privileges to simultaneously and directly disseminate data items to the sensor nodes. Moreover, as demonstrated by our theoretical analysis, it addresses a number of possible security vulnerabilities that we have identified. Extensive security analysis show DiDrip is provably secure. We also implement DiDrip in an experimental network of resource-limited sensor nodes to show its high efficiency in practice.

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